G3 Mall

There are two types of designs, One of them concentrates on the exterior appearance only, But over years will become old design whatever it was innovative, And the other type concentrate on selecting finest materials. But United changed the rules of game it was our challenge how the architectural design combined the magnificent design and unique materials to satisfy all customers dreams and her ladies and gentlemen G3 design appeared. G3 Mall is designed to a high level of finishes and finest materials exterior design of blue crystal U shaped and about our outdoor plaza it’s unforgettable.

g3 mall new capital has several features that make it distinctive. Each section has its own entrance, so if you are going to go buy something, you should walk through the entrance that is specified for the commercial units.

The mall comprises one ground floor, in addition to nine spacious floors. The lighting in g3 mall new capital is not going to depend on electricity; the developer is going to exploit solar cells.

You will find a vast space in g3 mall new capital allocated for cars. That is, the garage is three levels, and it is underground. Over and above that, you can access the internet any time, and it is totally free.

Don’t worry about your belongings; the mall includes surveillance cameras that are distributed all over the mall to ensure the highest level of security for the clients and the visitors.

The developer gave a lot of attention to fascinating greenery for the purpose of offering the clients a comforting atmosphere. That is why you will find an impressive amusement park and attractive artificial lakes. Moreover, there is a gym and spa.

g3 mall new capital also incorporates various cafes and restaurants where you can spend a lovely time, enjoying tasty food and drinks.

Price and payment:

g3 mall new capital presents unparalleled payment methods and prices for its clients. The starting price is 20,000 EGP per meter, and the starting price for an entire unit is 1,045,000 EGP.

With regard to the payment system, you have the option not to pay any down payment. In this case, you are going to pay the money by installments over four years. You have another option: you can pay a 5% down payment and pay the rest of the money by installments over up to 5 years.

Furthermore, you can pay a 7% down payment and pay the rest of the money by installments over up to 7 years. Over and above that, you can pay a 10% down payment and pay the rest of the money by installments over up to 6 years.

All units delivered fully finished including centralized air conditioning.


Property Features

  • Central Air Conditioning
  • Club House
  • Digital Boards
  • Elevators
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Free Internet
  • Gym
  • parking.
  • Solar Energy
  • Surveillance

Unit Types & Pricing

Unit typeStarting Area in m²Price Starting From