Mountain View North Coast

We are all in search of better sunsets, sandy walks on the beach and vivid turquoise waters wrapped in über man-made luxury. The journey is over; Mountain View Ras el Hikma boasts a pristine location with the utmost nature can offer. Only this carefully selected site possesses a natural island acting as a wave breaker, giving us tranquil waters and a tranquil state of mind while we roam the sea. We’ll tantalize our eyes at each and every villa; thanks to the cleverly designed sloping, leveled landscape, and a sea view that is seen by all.

Payment Plans:

  • Paros

10% DP, 6 years equal installments, delivery after 3 years from the contract date, except for twin houses after  (12,18,36 & 42 months).

  • Rhodes

10% DP, 7 years equal installments, 4 years delivery.

  • Greek Islands (RTD)

30% DP, 3 years equal installments, 3 months delivery.

All units delivered fully finished.

Property Features

  • Amphitheatre
  • Business Center
  • Children Park
  • Clinic
  • Club House
  • Commercial Area
  • Housekeeping
  • Indoors Swimming Pools
  • Ladies Beach
  • Ladies Club
  • Laundry
  • Marina
  • Property Management
  • Roman Spa
  • Shopping Mall
  • Sports facilities
  • Wave Pools

Unit Types & Pricing

Unit typeBedrooms no.Starting Area in m²Price Starting From 
Twin House1552916433.00